Celebrating your Marriage in the Catholic Church

Are you interested in preparing for marriage in the Catholic Church? Marriage in the Catholic Church is considered a Sacrament, a holy union of life and love between two baptized persons. Therefore, it is expected that a Catholic will marry another Catholic, and that they will marry in the Catholic Church where they attend Mass weekly. However, this impediment may be dispensed by the priest or deacon, if he deems it spiritually beneficial for the couple at hand, and provided that the faith of the Catholic party will not be endangered.

See the brochure, Celebrating your Marriage in the Catholic Church, in the Literature rack for more information, or contact Fr. Brian for an appointment.

Some of the documents normally required are:

  • Baptismal certificate (issued within the last 6 months)
  • First Communion and Confirmation Certificates
  • Canonical Freedom to Marry, as needed (if either party was married before)
  • Affidavits of freedom to marry, as needed
  • Certificates of Completion from Diocesan Marriage
    Preparation Programs
  • Civil Marriage license