Santa Teresa Guild was established on January 19, 1965. One of the original seven guilds formed when St. Catherine’s Parish was founded, the Guild has met once a month in homes continuously for 51 years. Over the years we have assisted with any and all parish fundraisers and social events, volunteered with the Religious Education program, and reached out to social needs within our parish and the wider community.

Currently the Guild supports the Rachael Women’s Center, a day care center for women with limited resources. Each month we celebrate birthdays for these women by providing refreshments and awarding cash prizes.

We also host an annual Baby Shower to benefit Birthline and Community Christian Service Agency (CCSA), support all bake sales, host a Veteran’s Appreciation Day, sell Little Blue, Black and White Books for the Adult Faith Enrichment Committee, support our food pantry, send greeting cards to our homebound parishioners, and plan a fun day at the Viejas Casino.

Santa Teresa Guild meets on the first Tuesday of each month (July and August excluded) in a member’s home at 7:00 p.m.

We welcome new members to our Guild please call the office at (858) 277-3133 and ask for Phyllis Sexton for more information.