Taking care of the vineyard – October 4 2020 message

Greetings from Fr. Brian at St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church, San Diego

Fires are devastating the vineyards of the wine country in northern California. A great heritage is in danger. The readings today speak about another kind of danger: the deadly fires of greed and other vices that destroy the hearts of those entrusted with God’s vineyard. In the parable of the Gospel, those entrusted with the vineyard did not treat it properly or give the landowner his due share of the crops. The Lord says they will lose their positions and others who are more honest and responsible will take their place.

Each of us has been given a stewardship of our own life; all our possessions, positions, talents and abilities come from God, and He expects us to use our life to please and serve Him. Let us be sure to use our life and our time and talent to truly serve God and one another.

Some say the recent fires are more intense and prolonged due to climate change, and humans are at least partly responsible for it. While the issue of climate change may be debatable, we are all called to be good stewards of the earth. As we celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, let us all do our part to take care of the earth so that brother fire, brother sun, and sister moon may help us yield sister grape and sister wine for many years to come.

Also, be sure to take care of your spiritual vineyard by attending Mass regularly, even during the Pandemic.

At the 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM Spanish Masses we will have a TV set up outside under the canopies in case you prefer to stay outside and watch the Mass on the TV screen; A Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion outside to you. We will have some chairs set up outside, or you can bring your own.

While the obligation to attend Mass is currently dispensed, we encourage all of you, especially families with children to attend Mass (with proper masking and social distancing) to keep your faith strong and your family on a solid spiritual foundation.

If you are not able to attend in person, please watch the Mass online: go to www.facebook.live, then enter our church name.

To offer your donation you can go to our website, www.stcatherinelaboure.net and click on the donation button, or send in your donation to the church. Thanks for your continued support!