No Public Masses – but I will Offer the Mass for all of you!

Daily Mass will be Offered for all our Members

While no public Masses are being held in these days, I will be saying Mass each day for all of you and our whole world. Between myself and Fr. Benjamin, we will be fulfilling the scheduled Mass Intentions as well. Bishop McElroy has dispensed the faithful for the obligation to attend Mass for the coming weeks.

We all can remain in “Spiritual Communion” – by our act of the will desiring to be in communion, and by disdaining all sin or anything that keeps us from God and one another. We look forward to the day when we will celebrate the Eucharist together again with great joy!

Don’t forget your financial donation to support the parish, as our expenses continue. Consider an online donation at our website: mail in your donation or put it in the donation box or in the office mail slot when you come to visit.

Fr. Brian Hayes, Pastor

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church, San Diego

March 21, 2020