An Invitation from the Bereavement Ministry

Our next meeting is in the Parish Hall on Saturday, January 18th, at 10:00 a.m. We welcome any parishioner who would like to attend. For questions or more information please contact Belle Grubbs at (858) 279-6245 or Barbara Alexander at (858) 277-3895.

We assist the priest at funerals and Memorial Masses. We also provide help and support at rosaries and vigils. Some of our members prefer this activity. Guideline instructions are closely followed.

We also host receptions in our Parish Hall for any family who would like to make use of our services. Members interested in this phase of our ministry decorate tables, serve coffee, lemonade and cookies. If the family wishes, we also pick up (locally) and serve the catered food they order. Of course, there is always clean up after.

We are proud of our members and their dedication to our ministry. We always welcome interested parishioners, men or women, and training is available.