Traveling Crucifix Program

Everyone Is Called to Holiness of Life. The first weekend in January our Vocations Committee will restart our Traveling Crucifix program and they are in need of volunteers to receive a blessed crucifix at the end of Mass the weekend of January 4&5. If you would like to be a prayer leader you may sign up on the clip board in the back of church. Volunteers receive the crucifix from the priest at the end of Mass and are asked to place it in a central location in their home as a daily reminder to pray for vocations in our parish and in our church.

Pope Francis reminds us that God has a specific path for holiness of life for each individual; be that as a single person, married, religious or ordained ministry. Our parish prayers are for God’s grace for each of us to discern our personal vocation, which is a personal calling from our Lord Jesus Christ. For more information contact Judy Giamanco at (619) 241-6362 or Deacon Jim Keeley at 858-774-9917.