Welcome to Fr. Benjamin “Ben” Chinnappan

Fr. Benjamin “Ben” Chinnappan will be coming to live in our priest’s house beginning November 12. He will be assisting with Masses. Fr. Ben will be working at the VA (Veterans’ Administration) Hospital, as noted in his Biography below. (I believe it is just coincidental that he is arriving on Veterans Day!) We have not worked out the details of how long he will be staying. It may be short term or long term. 

“I have been a priest for the last 31 years in the vineyard of our Lord serving Canada, US and India.  I am both a US citizen and Indian overseas citizen. For the last 15 years, I have been serving our veterans and their families in Chicago area. Before this, I served the Sisters of Christian Charity as their hospital chaplain in Harrisburg, PA for seven years. Previous to this, I have served both the parish and hospital in Staten Island, New York Archdiocese. In Ottawa, Canada, I did my Master of Theology (M.A.,) and License in Biblical Studies (L.Th).  With my academic credentials and one year of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), I was certified as a priest chaplain by the National Association of Catholic Conference. Now I am working as a priest chaplain for the Veterans Affairs-Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. I find this ministry very fulfilling and rewarding. The Lord has a new plan for me in sending out to serve our veterans in your diocese.”