Family Life Committee

Last week the Family Life Committee met and is working on promoting a parish environment that supports our family units of all shapes and sizes. They are also planning events to build up our parish family. Some ideas they are working on: Bingo night; family game night; singles/widow/widower group; coffee klatch; camping night. More information to follow.

Following on the Diocesan Synod on Marriage, the Family Life Committee has been set up to find ways to implement, at our parish level, some of the proposals from the Synod, including:

Offer support to couples preparing for marriage.
Create a parish environment that nurtures and celebrates marriage.
Create a culture of inclusion for couples in all stages of their relationship.
Create experiences and resources that educate and evangelize families in their faith.
Minister to families that are alone, isolated or in the margins.
Provide formation in the area of conscience formation and illuminate the core elements of the Christian discipleship.
Create a parish culture of faith which welcomes and fosters family participation in prayer and liturgy.
Create a culture of support for those in all stages of separation and divorce.

For more information contact Cara Bandera, see page 4 for her contact info. The next meeting of the Family Life Committee is March 12th at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.