First Sunday of Advent

Come, let us climb the Lord’s mountain…that he may instruct us in his ways and we may walk in his paths. (Isaiah 2)

As we enter the Season of Advent, we hear the words of Isaiah, calling us up the holy mountain. Advent is a time of preparing ourselves for the final coming of Christ. It is a time of joyful hope, rooted in turning our hearts more deeply to God, and softening our hearts towards one another. Isaiah tells us to “beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks”. Even President-Elect Donald Trump, now that the campaign is over, has softened some of his language, conceding that he may not subject his rival to a special prosecution, as once threatened, and that his “wall”, may only be a “fence” in some places”.

Isaiah says “all nations” shall be drawn to the Lord’s house. May our Advent season be a time of opening our hearts to all people, drawing others to God and to our faith by how we live in love for God and for another, thus opening the doors of hope to the world.