Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Lord stood by me and gave me strength, so that through me the proclamation might be completed and all the gentiles might hear it. (2 Timothy 4)

Today is World Mission Sunday. We pray and offer our financial support for the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world, especially in areas where the church is not yet established and for fledgling communities that are not yet self-sufficient. As most of you know, Fr. Joe Miller, our resident assistant priest, is in charge of the Missions Office of our Diocese. He helps coordinate the efforts of our Diocese to assist the Missions and to keep us aware of our church’s Missionary nature throughout the year.

Today we welcome visiting missionary priest, Fr. Jesus, who will speak of his experiences in the Mission field. We ask your support for the Missionaries and for the Mission Communities in your prayers today and by using the envelopes provided in the pews, or your monthly envelope set, for your financial support. All proceeds are forwarded to Fr. Miller, who helps oversee the allocation of the funds as needed in the Mission World.

The Church began a new missionary effort last week right here at St. Catherine Labouré: we had our first-ever Spanish Mass! A “new member” of our parish family was born! We had about 320 people present, a few who were already members of our parish, but mostly new, perhaps 250 new members! While we are helping them by offering the Mass in Spanish, they, with many young families, will help bring new life into our parish.

Like any missionary community, it will take time for the community to form and develop its own structure and support system. We also want it to be integrated as part of our larger parish community. We thank all of you who have given your support, either by attending the Mass or with verbal support and prayers.