We Need Eucharistic Ministers!

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Our Catholic Faith in the Eucharist teaches that it is sufficient to receive Communion under one form only (the Body or the Blood of Christ). Yet, it is a fuller sign of communion to receive under both forms, since Jesus said, “Take and eat, this is my Body…take and drink, this is my Blood…”

We would like to begin offering communion under both species, i.e., the Blood of Christ, under the form of the consecrated wine, at our weekend Masses.  To do so, we need more Eucharistic Ministers. To be a Eucharistic Minister, one must be a fully initiated Catholic (including having made the Sacrament of Confirmation), in good standing with the church (i.e, living as a single or married in the Catholic Church) and living a life in conformity with the Gospel. We will also have an initial training session, as well as occasional meetings/update sessions.

In the Gospel today, Jesus says, “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” (John 13) Our sharing in the one Bread and one Cup is indeed a Sacrament because it is a sign of our fraternal love for one another and also a means of strengthening that love and helping us to remain in love for God and one another.

Even if you are involved in another ministry, such as Lector or Greeter, you can also serve as a Eucharistic Minister, though ideally, one should not be doing two ministries at the same Mass on a given day.

Please consider if God is calling you to be a Eucharistic Minister at this time. Perhaps you don’t think you are worthy to be one. None of us are worthy to be His ministers, but if he calls us, how can we refuse? If you are able and ready to accept the call to this ministry, please fill in the sign-up form located on page 2 and return it to the office or place it in the collection basket. Thank you for your consideration.