Statement from Bishop Robert W. McElroy on Hurricane Harvey

The terrible suffering of the people of Texas and Louisiana this past week has been wrenching for the entire nation, as we have witnessed untold moments of devastation, heroism, desperation and sacrifice.For us as followers of Jesus Christ, our response must be two-fold: prayer and action.

We join in President Trump’s heartfelt call for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday and will provide a fitting time of focus in all of the Masses in the Diocese of San Diego to pray for all of the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

We will also be taking up an emergency special collection this month for the provision of aid through Catholic Charities USA and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for disaster relief.

Finally we will continue to stand in solidarity with all Americans as we resolve to support in every possible manner the reconstruction effort that will be needed to restore Texas and Louisiana, knowing poignantly that many of the most important losses of these past days can never be restored.